Friday, July 15, 2011


hahaha..... I've been watching the final series of the heptalogy Harry Potter. one word to describe the movie. EPIC. I've been watching several movies this year and most of it considered as a big name for the year of 2011. Pirate of Carribean, X-men, Transformer, Thor, super 8, and many more. and how come not even a single of them able to make me feel happier than this Harry Potter finale.

Transformer 3 supposed to be one of the best of 'em all, but unfortunately it has been one of the most disappointing movie so far. well, what do you know, Michael Bay..... what's wrong with your third saga. what's wrong? where's the idea? where's the fucking explosion? where's Optimus motherfucking sword? and where's Bumblebee's one on one scene? damn that's so sad.

but forget about Transformer, Harry Potter..... that's the best movie cinema able to show this whole year. Starting with the burial of the free elf, Dobby, these installment has been catching my breath since the minute they're enter the Gringotts Bank until they went to send their children to the platform 9 3/4. the time when Snape's secret revealed, its like the most touching part of the movies and I bet even stephanie meyer did in the 4 book of twilight is not able to beat this 1 chapter. this is the part where most of the people watching this movie change their perception of the serious and cold professor to a caring and sweet professor.

for the action part, where it consume 3/4 of the movie, it is totally interesting and where every character has been showing their skill and even most of the secondary character had died in these final installment. what can i say more? i have only 2 things to say about this movie. this final movie is too short, as it only take 2 hours and i'm expecting it to be longer than that, almost 3 hours minimum i guess. and the movie didn't follow the book and this is quite a disappointment for those who has been reading the book. but that's fine, because the movie still gives a huge impact to me and even other fan out there. and this is quite sad, there will be no more Harry Potter after this and we're just hoping if the director is interested in making the sequel for their children or even the sequel after the war until they're married and have children.

that's all for now. am tired exhausted and finally i've not been updating this blog for a long time.

Ginny Weasley


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