Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Finally, the result of my final semester is out!! all my sweats, tears, bloods and salivas has been paid of. i've got my third dean's list in my diploma level, unfortunately still failed to improve my cgpa to 3.5. my cgpa is only 3.49. what the fuck... only 0.01 but serve me right, it's the payment for my attitude during second semester. that's what i deserved. i'll fixed it during degree. I hope. degree must be thousand times tougher than diploma, i hope i can make it or should i say i must make it.

ok. thank to my parents and relatives, who always be with me, through every obstacles during my diploma especially when I'm having a financial problems. :P for the supports, trusts and being there for me through the hardship and any ship.

to my friends and brothers, thank you so much. without you, i might not be able to face everyday's problems. u all have been with me since the start of this war. thank you so much. meeting you guys are the most precious things i have in my life. i may not be able to mention all of you here. but you know who you are.

my beloved lecturers who has been teaching me since part 1. thank you for your patiences, guidances, advices and all the hardship that u'll have been through in order to help me obtaining my diploma. special thanks to Mr. Juferi Idris, Mr. Juplin Kinti, Madam Dayang Aisah, Miss Lydia Francis, Mr. Rudiyanto Philman, Miss Asmah Mat Desa, Miss Diana Wakimin and Miss Siti Hajar Anaziah. not forgetting to the other lecturers Mr Ishak, Madam Ida, Mr Kelvin, Miss Voon and Miss Leong.

Last of All, Thank you everyone.


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