Friday, July 15, 2011


hahaha..... I've been watching the final series of the heptalogy Harry Potter. one word to describe the movie. EPIC. I've been watching several movies this year and most of it considered as a big name for the year of 2011. Pirate of Carribean, X-men, Transformer, Thor, super 8, and many more. and how come not even a single of them able to make me feel happier than this Harry Potter finale.

Transformer 3 supposed to be one of the best of 'em all, but unfortunately it has been one of the most disappointing movie so far. well, what do you know, Michael Bay..... what's wrong with your third saga. what's wrong? where's the idea? where's the fucking explosion? where's Optimus motherfucking sword? and where's Bumblebee's one on one scene? damn that's so sad.

but forget about Transformer, Harry Potter..... that's the best movie cinema able to show this whole year. Starting with the burial of the free elf, Dobby, these installment has been catching my breath since the minute they're enter the Gringotts Bank until they went to send their children to the platform 9 3/4. the time when Snape's secret revealed, its like the most touching part of the movies and I bet even stephanie meyer did in the 4 book of twilight is not able to beat this 1 chapter. this is the part where most of the people watching this movie change their perception of the serious and cold professor to a caring and sweet professor.

for the action part, where it consume 3/4 of the movie, it is totally interesting and where every character has been showing their skill and even most of the secondary character had died in these final installment. what can i say more? i have only 2 things to say about this movie. this final movie is too short, as it only take 2 hours and i'm expecting it to be longer than that, almost 3 hours minimum i guess. and the movie didn't follow the book and this is quite a disappointment for those who has been reading the book. but that's fine, because the movie still gives a huge impact to me and even other fan out there. and this is quite sad, there will be no more Harry Potter after this and we're just hoping if the director is interested in making the sequel for their children or even the sequel after the war until they're married and have children.

that's all for now. am tired exhausted and finally i've not been updating this blog for a long time.

Ginny Weasley

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Finally, the result of my final semester is out!! all my sweats, tears, bloods and salivas has been paid of. i've got my third dean's list in my diploma level, unfortunately still failed to improve my cgpa to 3.5. my cgpa is only 3.49. what the fuck... only 0.01 but serve me right, it's the payment for my attitude during second semester. that's what i deserved. i'll fixed it during degree. I hope. degree must be thousand times tougher than diploma, i hope i can make it or should i say i must make it.

ok. thank to my parents and relatives, who always be with me, through every obstacles during my diploma especially when I'm having a financial problems. :P for the supports, trusts and being there for me through the hardship and any ship.

to my friends and brothers, thank you so much. without you, i might not be able to face everyday's problems. u all have been with me since the start of this war. thank you so much. meeting you guys are the most precious things i have in my life. i may not be able to mention all of you here. but you know who you are.

my beloved lecturers who has been teaching me since part 1. thank you for your patiences, guidances, advices and all the hardship that u'll have been through in order to help me obtaining my diploma. special thanks to Mr. Juferi Idris, Mr. Juplin Kinti, Madam Dayang Aisah, Miss Lydia Francis, Mr. Rudiyanto Philman, Miss Asmah Mat Desa, Miss Diana Wakimin and Miss Siti Hajar Anaziah. not forgetting to the other lecturers Mr Ishak, Madam Ida, Mr Kelvin, Miss Voon and Miss Leong.

Last of All, Thank you everyone.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Strokes - Under Cover Of Darkness

hope for the best.

well. after more than a month updating my blog. the last blog dedicated to my fellow classmates which is written in my mothertongue language.

now, my life has turned upside down, where everything seems not right and I'm still looking for something beneficial to do. honestly, I'm broke and honestly its a shame to ask for money from my parents nowadays. I don't know why. maybe, because at this age, I'm able to find and obtain money by myself.

Certain opportunity comes by for me to apply for jobs and others wanting me to work for them. And still I can't make up my mind. I don't know what is real and what need to be done. I don't know what is the best for me and what is right and wrong in it. this is because i'm still no brave enough in taking any risks for myself.'

Everytime an opportunity comes, i'll always be there to throw it away, not even trying to grab it and make used of it. not only that, even in relationship, i'm more than a failure. i don't know what my problem is and still i have a memory of my past and when i'm trying to throw it away by meeting with other person, yet I'm too naive and have no ability to win other's heart. well, that's fine but it's a little frustrating though.

Examination results is just around the corner by what, it should be out tomorrow at 12 if the system is still the same as the last semester which is better than the other previous system. this will be my last results for diploma level and i'm hoping that i'll get the best from it. hoping to get my 3rd dean list and my last chance to get the 2 star for diploma if i'm able to obtain 3.8 and above. it's seem impossible, but i can't stop hoping for it.

that's all for tonight, owh i mean morning. 1:37 am, tuesday. less than 24 hours to 25 mei 2o11. happy belated birthday mom and u know who you are.

Monday, April 4, 2011

bok ku seda kta dh nak abis diploma.

OK. First sekali to those sapa-sapa nak bukak link tok, actually aku ng dh lamak polh blog bahagian tok. tme kta smua gk gago ngan final draft. tme ya ku sa boring so ku xtauk pa nak polah. Ku bok seda dh tggal bpa minggu gk kta sama nektok. dr tme ku tulis blog tok. tggal 24 ari jak gk. maybe time ktkorg baca tok. dh abis dh final exam o mayb takorg x kan baca sbb aku xmok luah n soh takorg baca.

mun d kenang balit dh 3 taun kta sma nak. macam2 dah kenangan ktaorg kongsi sama2. ku x lalek kenangan ya aku telibat ka x, ku x ksah p yalh tek tok smua pake group kta. Batch 3 Diploma Kejuruteraan Kimia Kota Samarahan.
Pait, Manis, Masam, Masin..... semua kta dh cerik. susah senang diploma tok. x tdo malam
molah report, assignment, blaja k test quiz, celen dota pey ke siang. x tauk lah gne, p ku rasa group
kta tok lah paling kamboh skali. paling meriah. mun org lain ada pendapat lain sori lah nak. maybe
lamak2 tok ku xmok muji glak group kta, ku xda glak ngan ktk org p yalh tek makin lamak masa tok
blalu, makin lamak ku ngan takorg makin ya ku pdh aku untung tmu takorg.

maybe pastok x tentu kita tmu gk. maybe aku smbong pat lain, o aku nak nikah tek nak bak
ktkorg tme klas thermo lok. hahaha..... p ku harap lah ku akan trus mok blaja n smbg degree kat shah
alam lak n temu takorg blt. myb tme ya kta x tentu gk sama course nak. byk glak tawaran d berik
bh. ne nak madah kta kmfm sama lak. n for sidak nak pg blaja tempat lain, x ksh lah takorg pg ke
oversea ka, U lain ka p yalh takorg ng palat lah. hahahaha.... xda lah. guro jak. all the best k takorg
boh lupak mekorg ctok. jumpa gk klak.

ku nak tulis nama takorg sorang n pdh smtg p yalh, ku malas.... so ku wish k smua skali lah owh.
good luck. all the best, jumpa gk one day. mun takorg nikah, anta kad ke rumah aku. mun x tauk, xpa
kad jemputan lam fb pun ku terimak. lak boh ku tmu takorg d pasa, takorg dh ngiber miak kcik.
kcik juak ati ku x knk invite nak. so that's all. jumpa gk lak tme degree o anytime. n aku mena2 mintak
maap mun aku nyakit ati ktkorg, aku x perfect, aku lemah, ku ngakuk byk silap lmk kta bekawan
so ku harap takorg maapkan aku. n ku doakan kebahagiaan n kejayaan ktkorg. Amin.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


kamen rider kiva, kamen rider kiva garuru form, kamen rider kiva bassha form, kamen rider kiva dogga form, kamen rider kiva dobagaki form, kamen rider kiva emperor form, kamen rider ixa first, kamen rider ixa, kamen rider ixa rising, kamen rider saga. not in picture dark kiva

mother of the brother, wataru and taiga. she's hot. hotter than mio-san, megumi-chan, yuri-chan and shizuka-chan. MAYAAA.....................

Second Series of kamen rider since i watched kamen rider kyuki. i guess from both of the stories, i Kiva is too much for ryuki, despite ryuki got 14 riders altogether. but for me the 4 riders in Kiva is too much for ryuki. Just imagine about the storylines. ryuki is too much sadness in the movie, i guess i don't see anything that makes me want to be that rider. however for kiva, the plot, characters, morale, values and much more.

characters in the series
Kurenai wataru/kamen rider kiva
Suzuki mio /2008 Queen
Taiga Noburi/current King/ kamen rider saga/kamen rider dark kiva
Keisuke Nago/Kamen Rider Ixa/member of WAO
Megumi Aso/ member of WAO
Shizuka Nomura
Kurenai otoya/kamen rider ixa first/member of WAO
Yuri Aso/member of WAO
Maya/ex queen
King/dark Kiva

it has 2 time in the years. during 1968 for the parent of Megumi and Wataru, 2008 is the year for both of em. Wataru is a hybrid between human and fangire or vampire. he lives among human, as for its protection. wataru mother's is the fangire queen/ maya who had fall in love with a human, otoya. from these she has been expelled from being the queen. wataru's older brother is nago who is kamen rider ixa. the conflict is about the 2 races. for me the series is very exciting and most probably the best kamen rider series.

consists of 48 episodes and 2 movies. I wish there were more movies. i wish otoya is alive and be with maya.


Friday, February 4, 2011


Happy Chinese New Year. May the year of Rabbit brings happiness and joy to you and your family.

12 animals in the Chinese Chinese zodiac sign the Rat the rat, Chinese zodiac sign the Oxthe ox, Chinese zodiac sign the Tigerthe tiger, Chinese zodiac sign the Rabbit the rabbit,Chinese zodiac sign the Dragonthe dragon, Chinese zodiac sign the Snake the snake, Chinese zodiac sign the Horsethe horse,Chinese zodiac sign the Sheepthe sheep, Chinese zodiac sign the Monkey the monkey, Chinese zodiac sign the Roosterthe rooster, Chinese zodiac sign the Dogthe dog and finally Chinese zodiac sign the Pigthe pig. All twelve animals in the row.

I'm a snake person. born in the year of 1990 but still in the year of the snake. well, honestly i preferred being a snake than being a horse. why? read the story about how they got this rank and how the race are made for the animals.

how can the rat possibly win? defeating the dragon, tiger, snake and even dog. i just mentioned the predator of course. i won't tell the story here. but for sure i'll just say that person who was born in the year of the rat are cunning for certain reason based on the story of the race and for sure the snake also did a certain cunning trick which make the horse fell to the 7th place in the race.

the dragon is the most dominant in the race but due to certain kind hearted act, he sacrificed the first place and managed to be in the top 5. surely it still the most dominant animal in the race right?

you want to know how the race goes. read it by yourself or ask other who knows about it. well thats it. i will return next time.

so Happy Chinese New Year folks. Enjoy the third day.

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