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mother of the brother, wataru and taiga. she's hot. hotter than mio-san, megumi-chan, yuri-chan and shizuka-chan. MAYAAA.....................

Second Series of kamen rider since i watched kamen rider kyuki. i guess from both of the stories, i Kiva is too much for ryuki, despite ryuki got 14 riders altogether. but for me the 4 riders in Kiva is too much for ryuki. Just imagine about the storylines. ryuki is too much sadness in the movie, i guess i don't see anything that makes me want to be that rider. however for kiva, the plot, characters, morale, values and much more.

characters in the series
Kurenai wataru/kamen rider kiva
Suzuki mio /2008 Queen
Taiga Noburi/current King/ kamen rider saga/kamen rider dark kiva
Keisuke Nago/Kamen Rider Ixa/member of WAO
Megumi Aso/ member of WAO
Shizuka Nomura
Kurenai otoya/kamen rider ixa first/member of WAO
Yuri Aso/member of WAO
Maya/ex queen
King/dark Kiva

it has 2 time in the years. during 1968 for the parent of Megumi and Wataru, 2008 is the year for both of em. Wataru is a hybrid between human and fangire or vampire. he lives among human, as for its protection. wataru mother's is the fangire queen/ maya who had fall in love with a human, otoya. from these she has been expelled from being the queen. wataru's older brother is nago who is kamen rider ixa. the conflict is about the 2 races. for me the series is very exciting and most probably the best kamen rider series.

consists of 48 episodes and 2 movies. I wish there were more movies. i wish otoya is alive and be with maya.



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