Friday, February 4, 2011


Happy Chinese New Year. May the year of Rabbit brings happiness and joy to you and your family.

12 animals in the Chinese Chinese zodiac sign the Rat the rat, Chinese zodiac sign the Oxthe ox, Chinese zodiac sign the Tigerthe tiger, Chinese zodiac sign the Rabbit the rabbit,Chinese zodiac sign the Dragonthe dragon, Chinese zodiac sign the Snake the snake, Chinese zodiac sign the Horsethe horse,Chinese zodiac sign the Sheepthe sheep, Chinese zodiac sign the Monkey the monkey, Chinese zodiac sign the Roosterthe rooster, Chinese zodiac sign the Dogthe dog and finally Chinese zodiac sign the Pigthe pig. All twelve animals in the row.

I'm a snake person. born in the year of 1990 but still in the year of the snake. well, honestly i preferred being a snake than being a horse. why? read the story about how they got this rank and how the race are made for the animals.

how can the rat possibly win? defeating the dragon, tiger, snake and even dog. i just mentioned the predator of course. i won't tell the story here. but for sure i'll just say that person who was born in the year of the rat are cunning for certain reason based on the story of the race and for sure the snake also did a certain cunning trick which make the horse fell to the 7th place in the race.

the dragon is the most dominant in the race but due to certain kind hearted act, he sacrificed the first place and managed to be in the top 5. surely it still the most dominant animal in the race right?

you want to know how the race goes. read it by yourself or ask other who knows about it. well thats it. i will return next time.

so Happy Chinese New Year folks. Enjoy the third day.


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