Monday, January 17, 2011

where's the glory?

iron maiden, motorhead, megadeth, ac/dc, deep purple, led zeppelin, metallica, nirvana, jimi hendrix, the beatles, ramones, sex pistols, rolling stones, queen, europe, kiss, bob marley, black sabbath, pantera, pink floyd, aerosmith, cream, the who.

there are others for sure but these are the one that play in my radio when i was a teenager. now its up to the band such as my chemical romance, tokio hotel and other junks. are they able to help the rock n roll industry back into its golden age? I don't fucking think so. Rock n' Roll ain't Noise pollution. hear that, its not a noise pollution.

what type of musics are playing now in the radio? baby, poker face, i kissed a girl. is this what you call music. is this music to your ear?? is this the person who change the world. the new era of music. where the guitar riffs? where's the sick solos? where's the head banging?

the other bands, why do you stick with the labels that make your music lame? why do you have to do that? where's your ground? nirvana didn't need universal record or even the EMI to go mainstream. the subpop and dgc record helped them.

come, rise, stop the pop culture again. there no need to see a half naked women in the video clip to make your music become successful. there's no need for any of that. the main things is passion, the spirit. we're just living in the pop culture for a while more if more and more band start to reform and rise. which in other word, we can conquer the world as how rock n roll did in the 90's 80's and even the 60's.

ROCK n ROLL ain't noise POLLUTION, its a masterpiece


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