Monday, January 10, 2011

research is on!!!

10 JAN - A meeting have been held in UiTM Samarahan Studio, where all the student of Chemical Engineering Final Semester who is taking research gathers in a noisy and havoc environment. Our beloved, loving, cute, hot, gorgeous lecturer explains everything about this research. everything i mean the major facts of this research and what more important is when will it be submitted and of course the format of the research report. From my observation, this time, part 6 is not an enjoyable semester as what I can say is THIS FUCKING THING IS INSANE! No wonder there be only 4 classes for this semester, the research thingy can even brings a monster down to the earth. I'm totally worried with this semester. Even, working with one of the best researcher that the UiTM have, I'm still worried as this things might be killing me in the end as all the reports writing, presentation and attitude commitment will take parts in research. what can i say now is,

" Dude, can i not seat for these research and just give me my diploma certificate!"


aleeya jo said...

i know u can do it harry!!...hehe

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