Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year yo....

2010- not to tell that i didnt appreciate what you have done to me. maybe there some reason i hate u so much and how i can't really accept everything. but yeah, somehow i should also thank for being a year which may contain i little dramatic and sweet memories inside. most incidents happened in 2010 aite? maybe not for you. but for me there are too many to share in this blog. certain incidents happened with a reason, so i must be strong tough and be prepared for what might happened in the later day. everyday's getting tougher you see, ive just been greet by a single mother who went to buy burger with his son just now. i've realized he might had a worse life than I am having now. its obvious, i can say shes in the early 20s and her son is already about 4 or 5 years old. she also suddenly tell a story about the father of the son, which might not have been her husband. the kid maybe an illegitimate child, who cares, as long as she didn't throw her son away. I already respected her to carry the responsible to take care of the child.
I do said i respected her but don't think about I respect her for having sex without marriage ok. I do hate about that i might not be able to stop it by using my hand or my mouth, but still I'm doing it with my heart. there must be certain failures and lessons for us to be a successful and yet a strong person in this temporary world. if you're asking about 'azam' for this new year. I might only say that I have none. for me, its better to have no 'azam' than ur having it and then, doing nothing about it. so yeah, happy new year. 2011. you've arrived and i do have a lot for you.

2010, thank you for everything the bittersweet memories, the lesson, the treasure and everything that happened. I might not be very happy but honestly, I would thank 201o to teach me to be a better person.



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