Saturday, December 4, 2010


my biggest regrets and sadness is for my SPM. it is something to do with my attitude. and now I'm facing the same problems for my diploma. SPM is not a sijil pake main as what I used to say during back there. and now i've realized that i have a terrible loss that is not able to be undo. diploma seem to be another road to make things get better. unfortunately, it's just too tough for me.
Diploma in Chemical Engineering. a subject with so many opportunity out there and opportunity to be dropped out as the student of the university. I want to study abroad. away from my comfort zone. away from the nagging of my parents. near to the placed that only be seen from the black box outside my room. these is my dreams but due to some act of irresponsibilities and cocky. I have finally being dumped straight down to earth as i have seen my friends, cousins and certain people who might be known by the other person that i know have gone flying to other country.
some might ask, it is peaceful to live in Malaysia, why do you hate it so much? am not hating it so much. but i'm not a fish who can only swim in an aquarium without knowing there are ocean waiting for them outside. maybe they do know, unfortunately they are unable to free themselves. back to the peaceful Malaysia, it is peaceful with dirty politics, rempit, snatching activities, throwing away babies (guess what they make sex without thinking, when the innocent child is born then the heartless, lustful, inhuman parents throw them into the rubbish bins, drainage and even in the masjid). so i guess in certain parts of the country are free from this type of problems, and of course i'm looking for a better country not the insane, warring state or the drug lord state.
I'm really hoping that I can get out of these country as soon as I finished my diploma. please let me further my study in Australia, London, US, NZ, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Egypt, Italy, Spain.

P/S: anyone who accidentally opened this shit up, yo i know no one read my blog ryte? if you still not done with your SIJIL PEPERIKSAAN MALAYSIA (FOR MALAYSIAN ONLY) please be reminded that is not sijil pake main like what i did before. now its too late for me. the only hope i have is to further my degree there and if and only if I have to do my Master abroad then without hesitating, I will take the opportunity to go. but seriouly i wish i can go there for my degree.


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