Thursday, November 18, 2010

unexplained creatures

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ever heard of anythings about myths? about anything that cannot be explained by science. sometimes even science are not able to explained everything around us, even sometimes we just don't believe in folk tales, myths, legends, ghosts, genies and even spirits. there are certain about mythical creatures and legends, which rumors since the very beginning of the world. most of the creatures are rarely to be seen or should we say that it has never been seen by our bare eyes.
there are list of unexplained creature in our world. even some of them are make up stories and the are yet to be proven. some of us might not able to accept that there are still certain animals or should we mentioned it as monsters roam around us, lurking in the darkness, hiding in the forests, sand, cave, sea, ocean or even lakes.
every country will have their own legendary creatures even the most advanced and modern countries such as Malaysia and the US. In Malaysia, the common types of the mythological creatures that is often to be mentioned in Malaysian culture are the Tasik Chini's Dragon and the Sarawak's Bujang Senang. As for the western country, myth such as the vampires, werewolves and big foot are often to be heard.however, ever heard of the Chupacabras, Mothman or even the leprechaun. this are just the myth, however it is interesting to be studied or researched, as most cultured in these world are being influenced by these myths.
we are very interested in researching the unidentified flying object which is also some myths and we might said to ourselves that this UFOs are no myths due to the pictures and videos taken and we might never think about the possibility that the creature that are known as the myth by us might be roaming around us. people might said that there are no evidence through it, there are no science theories to support it, there are no logical explanation to explain it and many other consequences and reasons are thrown if we ask about the mythological creature of the world's belief.
we can also see that scientists, explorer and researcher are more likely to research something outside the atmosphere but do they know that something more mysterious, unknown or even deadly are lurking in the snowy mountain, the deserts of gobi, the deep ocean of the Pacific, the middle deep inside the north pole or even under the sewer of the metropolis. who knows, we never care to it except for the person who's in charge such as the cryptozoology, the psychic, and paranormal investigators.
the others just assume that this is not logical and not well to be studied. yes, just let the legend die, and so will be the culture of the world. thank you.


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