Saturday, January 22, 2011


my my.... a boring Sunday. cloudy weather outside. but yet its too peaceful to be normal, no voice from my neighbors, no voice from my siblings and also my parents. just the sound of the television not being turn off and of course the metal music coming from my own laptop. yeah, maybe i'm just missing the day when i do rock out loud.

its ok. its just a past. where everything seems to be right and perfect. but now, so many differents, my study, my life, my everything. its seem so twisted and as if that i am so paranoid to do those things.
yesterday is a good day. spending time with my friends. watching horror movies. laugh out loud or scream out loud, both can bring a cheerful meaning to me. just that its just too tiring to be thought again as most of my expectation didn't come to a reality.

Committed in everything i'm doing, without knowing to say no is the best habit i have. why can i say the word no. its better than ok, ill tell you later. by saying this, it really shows that i didn't want to do it o following it.
Dope nose. am so tired already. waking up with my head so dizzy as if as i was going to the pub yesterday. even i never went to that place before and hoping i will not ever going there. a place of sin.


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